Need a break? 4 benefits of going on holiday

Feeling burnt out? All work and no play will do that to you. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed in the workplace is a sign that you need a break! And not just to recharge your energy, but for your general wellbeing and longevity. Need more convincing before you fill in that leave form? Read these four benefits of going on holiday, and trust us, you’ll be hitting the beach in no time. (Discover our beach apartments.

1. Holidays improve your health

Stress is a big no-no when it comes to health – there is no doubt about it! It causes the release of cortisol, and activates the fight or flight response. And when we are in fight or flight, we are on high-alert, suspecting danger around every corner. As you probably know, no one can function like this for long. Being in a state of fight or flight is draining, to say the least. It increases blood pressure and anxiety levels to an unhealthy state. Not to mention prevents sleep – people in default fight or flight mode can suffer from insomnia, further debilitating their health and general functioning. 

So if you’re feeling under the pump at work, take a break. A holiday will help you relax and unwind, especially if you spend time in nature, meditate and get a little exercise. So opt for that holiday when you have the chance, even if you’re not feeling overwhelmed as yet. It’s best to maintain a good state of mind as opposed to swinging like a pendulum!  

2. Holidays make you happier

It’s been proven that experiences bring us more joy than possessions. But why? In a nutshell, the happiness felt comes from two areas: people and discovery. People, being the ones we meet along the way, and loved ones we enjoy spending quality time with. We are social beings after all, and so being around people gives us meaning. And discovery of the self and new places also makes us happy, as we build self-confidence, gain new perspectives, and let go of trivial worries. So if you think about it, a holiday can actually help you learn more about yourself, and teach you who you really are. Who knows, your next getaway might reveal interests and passions you never knew you had!

3. Holidays give you the opportunity to build relationships 

Spending quality time with loved ones builds close bonds. So don’t go off on your own, plan a holiday with your family and friends. Being away from the distractions of everyday life allows you to form deep connections, and special memories. These shared experiences will be fondly remembered for years to come – be a talking point at dinner parties, or an inside joke that makes you laugh every time you think of it. Being able to reflect on significant moments with loved ones builds an enduring connection, one of meaning and importance. So for relationships that will last a lifetime, get together and get away! 

4. Holidays allow you to be more productive at work

Taking time off gives you more motivation to achieve goals. So after a holiday, you go back to work feeling refreshed and restored, eager to give your job your all. It’s important to replenish your energy levels so you can perform properly at work, and make efficient use of your time. So if you’re putting off taking leave due to workload, consider that you might actually be doing your company a favour by going on holiday. 

Are you in desperate need of a holiday? 

If you’ve been reading this and thinking, yes, this is me, go on – take that well-earned rest and go on holiday! Head off on a wild adventure, relax on a beach, cut loose and spend time with loved ones – we’re giving you permission to take the break you need. So get going, and you can thank us later! 

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